Submitting a grant application

If you’re considering submitting a research grant application, here are the steps you should follow within the College of Design and Social Context.

1. Read the Funding guidelines for the scheme you are applying to and get in contact with your School’s research team.

Funding schemes have a wide variety of submission formats, rules and deadlines. You should familiarise yourself to make sure that your project is eligible, relevant, and your application is timely.

2. Contact the DSC Research team ( who can:

  • Assist with improving the quality of your application with feedback and advice.
  • Provide reviews for your application and general application advice
  • Arrange for internal peer reviews where relevant

NB: Always contact the DSC Research team in the first instance, as the central Research Office will only accept the final version of your application.

3. Complete an R&I research coversheet.

Before submitting any external research funding application, you MUST complete the online coversheet.

This coversheet needs to be signed off by the lead researcher, your School’s Finance Manager and the Head of School.

If there are College funds committed in the application, then the College’s DPVC (Research) and Finance Manager must also sign the coversheet – the DSC Grants team can assist you with this process.

4. Submit your application to the R&I pre-award team.

R&I must be sent the final copy of your application (scanned PDF via email to and a signed coversheet. Final research grant applications should be submitted to the Research Office at least five working days before the funding body’s closing date.

Further information

For more information, see the DSC Research contacts page or contact the team (

Frequently Asked Questions

Who in my school can help me?

The list of School research contacts shows the contacts you need to get in touch with.

Why do I need to fill out a coversheet?

You need to fill in an R&I coversheet to ensure that your application is endorsed by your Head of School, and that there is a clear understanding about the resources that will be committed to your project should it be successful.

Your project gets recorded on Research Master (the research management database), which makes it easier to set up a subsequent research funding account when grant applications are successful, and also documents your research activity for performance reviews.

What if the application is online/via email/hardcopy?

Contact the DSC Research team ( for advice about how to submit your application in these ways.

What if I’m asking for money from the School/College?

In the first instance, you should talk to your Deputy Dean Research, regarding school contributions towards your projects. For information about College contributions, please contact the DSC Research team (

What if my project has CIs from different Schools?

You will need to complete an income split form, if necessary. This form is used to clarify the division of funding for RMIT researchers on a single project. For example, Lead Researcher A should get 60% (for putting on an RA and fieldwork), Researcher B is allocated 30% (travel and fieldwork), and Researcher C gets 10% (consumables only).

If this form is not completed, the income will be split evenly among the named researchers.