Wireless network access

Secure, fast, everywhere access on any device

Wireless network access

Life is all about staying connected, right? That’s why at RMIT University, we’ve made it a priority and built our own dedicated high-speed wireless network. Better still, we’ve made it free for everyone on campus to access it. That’s students, staff, researchers and university guests.

It means you can stay connected on your laptop, tablet or smartphone as you roam across campus – whether it’s in the classroom or in between classes. Collaborate with classmates, research the web, save time with apps or just keep up with what’s happening on the outside.

And because it’s a high-speed Wi-Fi connection, you’ll experience faster downloads with reduced lag times and less buffering. It’s the perfect solution for mobile devices.


Here’s what you get:

  • wireless connectivity
  • dynamic IP addressing
  • access to standard internet services
  • IT support during business hours.


Ready to get on with IT?

  • For instructions and device user guides on how to access the various wireless networks available, visit our wireless page.
  • To request access for RMIT guests or conference participants, complete the myTechSupport form (allow at least three business days).

Got problems connecting?

Ask myCommunity, complete the myTechSupport form, drop in to a walk-up support area on campus or contact the Service and Support Centre.

For wide-spread issues, we’ll respond within 15 minutes and aim to have things resolved within two hours.