Learning and Teaching Investment Fund 2008

Summary of Projects

Project Title

The ‘dual hub’: Shared responsibility for developing and internationalising the curriculum of Business courses

Project Leaders

Assoc Prof Eveline Fallshaw
Assoc Prof Andrew Scown

Funds Approved


Summary of the project, outcomes, impacts and dissemination

The Dual Hub project draws upon the knowledge and experience of academic staff at RMIT International University Vietnam to improve student learning by developing internationalised learning resources for courses in the Bachelor of Commerce. It aims to increase partnerships in sharing responsibility for course development and enhancing the relationship between the dual hubs based on collaboration.

Learning resources for five courses were developed to provide engaging internationalised learning experiences for students in participating courses of the Bachelor of Commerce. Interviews were held with Course Coordinators and focus groups of students of Business Case Study and Organisational Behaviour. These interviews revealed that the learning resources helped to improve student learning experience by developing discipline-specific knowledge and skills through their application in dynamic, complex and situational contexts. Interviews with participating Vietnam staff revealed highly positive responses to the collaborative project processes employed and the partnerships developed.

Observations and critical reflections helped demonstrate how the individual operational contexts and historical practices of RMIT Melbourne and Vietnam hubs limited the extent to which a shared responsibility for course development could be realised. Similarly, these contexts and practices limited the potential delivery of the learning resources in onshore and other offshore locations. This evaluation suggests that further collaborative work of this kind will only help to expose and question an outdated status quo, and help to begin to realise a shared responsibility of course development by the Melbourne and Vietnam hubs.

The key project outcomes will be disseminated through a College of Business seminar held by the Academic Development Group in 2009, and through similar methods in Vietnam. The outcomes of the Dual Hub project have informed the conceptualisation and planning of future projects in the College of Business beginning in 2009.

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