Adapt, build and inspire

Tertiary transition experiences from students with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI).

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Kevin - Understanding ABI

  • Overview of Acquired Brain Injury

Download Audio IconUnderstanding ABI (MP3, 10.8MB, 9:30mins)

Transcript of Kevin - Understanding ABI (Word 31kb 2p)

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Christine - Managing Change

  • getting back on track
  • help from others
  • finding success

Download Audio IconManaging Change (MP3, 23.4MB, 20:30mins)

Transcript of Christine - Managing Change (Word 44kb 6p)

Christine can be booked for talks about change through Booked Out Speakers Agency on (03) 9824 0177.

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Kevin – An Advocate

  • a new journey
  • help from TAFE
  • giving back

Download Audio IconAn Advocate (MP3, 8.81MB, 7:42mins)

Transcript of Kevin – An Advocate (Word 31kb 2p)

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Di – The Learning Experience

  • learning to learn
  • an opportunity

Download Audio IconThe Learning Experience (MP3, 10.3MB, 9:03mins)

Transcript of Di – The Learning Experience (Word 30kb 2p)

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Aaron – Setting Goals

  • making time to learn
  • finding strength

Download Audio IconSetting Goals (MP3, 4.73MB, 4:08mins)

Transcript of Aaron – Setting Goals (Word 27kb 2p)

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Julie – Experiencing Change

  • focus on learning
  • making the most out of TAFE
  • finding support

Download Audio IconExperiencing Change (MP3, 8.95MB, 7:49mins)

Transcript Julie – Experiencing Change (Word 29kb 2p)

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Sarah – Time to Shine

  • seeing your abilities
  • gaining support
  • creating opportunities

Download Audio IconTime to Shine (MP3, 10.8MB, 9:28mins)

Transcript of Sarah – Time to Shine (Word 28kb 2p)

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Josh- A Helping Hand

  • how to learn
  • keeping focused
  • the end goal

Download Audio IconA Helping Hand (MP3, 16.0MB, 13:58mins)

Transcript of Josh- A Helping Hand (Word 38kb 4p)

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Rod – An Opportunity to Learn

  • hands on learning
  • a community of support
  • finding strength

Download Audio IconAn Opportunity to Learn (MP3, 4.64MB, 4:03mins)

Transcript of Rod – An Opportunity to Learn (Word 27kb 2p)

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Janet – Words of Experience

  • drawing on past success
  • making a new start
  • a record of success

Download Audio IconWords of Experience (MP3, 18.4MB, 16:08mins)

Transcript of Janet – Words of Experience (Word 40kb 4p)

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Brant – Words of Encouragement

  • knowing your own learning style
  • using your strengths
  • experiencing success

Download Audio IconWords of Encouragement (MP3, 6.67MB, 5:49mins)

Transcript of Brant – Words of Encouragement (Word 28kb 2p)

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Robert – Making the Most Out of TAFE

  • using the DLO
  • supports at TAFE
  • finding opportunities to grow

Download Audio IconMaking the Most Out of TAFE (MP3, 5.15MB, 4:30mins)

Transcript of Robert – Making the Most Out of TAFE (Word 29kb 2p)

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Leigh – A Story of Courage

  • fighting against the odds
  • making it on your own
  • finding strength through sharing

Download Audio IconA Story of Courage (MP3, 9.23MB, 8:03mins)

Transcript of Leigh – A Story of Courage (Word 30kb 2p)

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