Cross institutional enrolment - outbound

Outbound cross institutional enrolment

Students currently enrolled in an RMIT University program who wish to study single units at another Australian institution (host institute), may apply to do so on a cross institutional outbound basis.

Help your students

Advise your students to seek approval before the scheduled start of the relevant semester to ensure that they can be enrolled to attend classes and access online learning materials and University services at both the host and at RMIT.

Note that there is no placeholder course enrolment required for a student undertaking outbound cross institutional studies. Students should enrol at RMIT only in the courses that they are attending here; if the student is not completing any RMIT courses in a given semester, they will need to apply for a Leave of Absence.

Students are required to complete the following form:

Outbound cross institutional students must:

  • complete a Commonwealth Assistance form (CAF) at both RMIT and the host institution
  • have the same fee status code at both institutions.
  • submit an academic transcript on their completion of the host institute unit in order to receive credit for the cross institutional studies.

Need more information?

If you need further information including program and plan codes or fund source details please email

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