Using Flickr images

Images on Flickr are made available under a range licenses and each license has different terms of use. A image on Flickr must be used according to the terms of the license attached to the image.


There are images on Flickr that could be considered a breach of copyright for example an image that is a photograph of a copyrighted work - an image of a painting taken at a Gallery or Museum.

Even though the photographer declares that a photograph is available under a creative commons licence, before using the image from Flickr you must ensure that the use doesn’t infringe copyright.


Images must be attributed standard attribution can be used - Surname, First name. Title of the work. Date created. Persistent link or url, retrieved day month year. Name of museum/gallery/library/web site. If no artist name is listed, the name of the museum/gallery/library/organisation is to be used. Plus also the licence details.

Creator’s Surname, First name. Title. Date created. Link to url, retrieved day month year. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence [details of the licence].

Attribution/credit example for a photo licensed under a creative commons licence: