Learning and Teaching Investment Fund 2013

Project Title

Leading, Promoting and Evidencing Scholarly Teaching: A collaborative DSC school-based approach

Project Leader

Professor Barbara de la Harpe , Associate Professor Kym Fraser and Professor Kerry London

Project Team

  • Professor Jeremy Diggle
  • Associate Professor Peter Ellis
  • Jon Hurford
  • Professor Richard Blythe
  • Roger Kemp
  • Victoria Versteege
  • John Benwell
  • A/Prof Fiona Peterson
  • Dr Marianne Sison
  • Ruth Moeller
  • Prof Annette Gough
  • Dr Josephine Lang
  • Spiros Soulis
  • Keith Cowlishaw
  • Grant Emerson
  • Kylie Budge
  • Prof Ron Wakefield
  • Dr Frank Boukamp
  • Dallas Wingrove
  • Prof David Hayward
  • Associate Professor Chris Zigarus
  • Meredith Seaman
  • Dr Rosemary Mulraney (TBC)
  • Joshua Goodrick

Project Summary

“Excellent teachers are effective teachers…[these]… teachers go beyond their own experience and personal reflections, reflecting also on the extent to which educational theory and previously reported educational practice explain and inform their teaching” (Trigwell & Shale, 2004, p.526). Engaging in scholarly teaching improves both student learning outcomes and student feedback. Evidencing scholarly teaching is now a TEQSA requirement.

This project will support DSC College Deans/Heads and Deputy Deans/Heads (L&T) to identify strategies that promote and evidence scholarly teaching in Schools, with the support of School Senior Liaisons L&T, Deputy PVC L&T, LTU and HR nominee working as a collaborative action learning network. Strategies that Schools identify will be trialled in the second half of 2013.

Successful strategies that evidence staff engagement in scholarly teaching will be disseminated across the University. A report to the Vice Chancellor’s Executive will recommend the most effective strategies for meeting TEQSA Threshold standard 4.2 and for transforming the academic workforce.

Download full report [PDF, 1.58 MB, 32 pages]