RMIT University Academic and Professional Staff Enterprise Agreement 2014

54. Principles of academic staff resourcing and availability


The University will provide the facilities, office space, technical systems and services necessary for all academics to fulfill their responsibilities of teaching, research, scholarship and service.


The nature of academic work and the needs of the University community require academic employees to:

(a) spend a significant period of their working time on campus in order to teach, conduct research, advise students, and attend meetings concerned with teaching and learning, research and organisation;

(b) advise students of times when they are available for student consultation and use communication technology for distance education students;

(c) be away from their designated campus/es for many reasons, including research, conferences, and consultation with government, industry, commerce, and the community; and

(d) advise their supervisor of their availability and contact details and where practicable to be contactable when not on campus.

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