25 November 2014

RMIT Move It

Team RMITMoveIt

Our Associate Degree of Health Sciences students aim to get you moving.

Take health promotion, a final assessment and four friends and quite often the mix can produce fantastic results, as was the case with this year’s RMITMoveIt group.

“Our project was our final assessment, and we were really keen in doing well- even though we changed it a few times.” Students from the Associate Degree of Health Sciences Breera Rehman, Ela Tran, Ridmi Perera and Katie Vo organised an effective project to promote health by giving out tea to those people who took the stairs. In spite of a few last minute impromptu changes the group, called RMITMoveIt, were very happy with the final result, “we talked to a lot of people on the day and the project really help us realised skills we didn’t have.”

For many students at RMIT, developing a passion for an area to settle on and pursue can be the ultimate goal to aim for. This was true for most of the group as, when asked why they chose this particular course “choosing the course itself was on whim for most of us we were still trying to find what we wanted to do as we were just fresh out of high school.” Friends, teachers and the work itself were described as the biggest influence on becoming interested in health science.

Student run projects are often a key part of any course, designed to develop vital skills for life after university as well as giving friends the chance to work together on something they can all, in the end, be proud of. “From a group of 30 students last year to 4 students this year, it was a group project and what better way to do it is with the 4 closest friends you have from uni.” They also had important advice for other student run projects, “BE ORGANISED, PLAN AHEAD AND CHECK THE WEATHER!”

Being the first to finish their degree, the students from RMITMoveIt were “in a way we were the experimental group with teachers always asking us how we are finding the course and what we liked about it. The teachers were always very supportive and we couldn’t have done this without them, we feel accomplished and excited as we are the first remaining four students to finish this degree and excited to continue studying next year as we know what we want to do in the future. Another 3-4 years at uni and it’s definitely going to be worthwhile.”

*This student-run project was funded by the University’s Healthy Communities Project Grant.

Written by Sean Bowdery, Associate Degree of Professional Writing and Editing.

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