27 October 2015

Simon Scott, Exchange to Gadjah Mada University (ACICIS), Indonesia

Simon was able to gain insights into the locals way of life whilst learning a new language at the same time during his study at Gadjah Mada University in Indonesia.

“An international development program plus warm weather and very low living costs was enough to make my decision final.”

RMIT Program: Bachelor of Urban & Regional Planning (Honours)

Global Program: Exchange

Destination: Yogyakarta, Indonesia

I mainly went to Yogyakarta to experience living somewhere entirely different to what I was used to. The fact that there was an International Development program that seemed appealing, plus warm weather and very low living costs, was enough to make my decision final. Most of my free time there was spent going to private and group classes in order to learn Indonesian language, but I also managed to volunteer with a refugee support and advocacy group, as well as exploring the surrounding countryside, beaches, volcanoes and mountains. Apart from that, I spent a lot of time with friends eating some of the spiciest, oiliest, and most delicious food I’ve tasted. During the semester I found time to travel to Jakarta, and around Central and Eastern Java (including historic sites near Yogyakarta, volcanoes such as Mount Bromo, and cities including Surabaya and Surakarta). After the completion of semester, I traveled between Bali and a number of islands in the east of the archipelago, such as Flores and Komodo. The most important thing I gained from my time away was my progress in speaking Indonesian language, which allowed me to gain insights local ways of life, and to meet people, which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

Exchange in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Image by exchange student Simon Scott