Getting items from other libraries

If you are unable to locate an item in our Library, you may be able to get it from another academic library in Australia. We explain your options here.

Option 1: Request it via CAVALborrow

CAVALborrow is a book delivery service that makes it easy to request books, which we don’t have in our collection.

To use CAVALborrow:

  • Log in to LibrarySearch and search for the book
  • If the title doesn’t come up in the search results, select the CAVALborrow button to check the collections of participating libraries
  • Look for the library that makes the book available to CAVALborrow
  • Select the campus Library you wish to collect the book from at RMIT
  • You’ll receive an email when it arrives.

If the book is not available through CAVALborrow, you’ll have an option to request it as an interlibrary loan through our Document Delivery Service.

Option 2: Request it from the Document Delivery Service

Document Delivery Service helps you get items held in our off-site storage and resources not available in our collections.

Option 3: Borrow it in person (CAVAL and ULANZ)

Our Library is a member of two reciprocal borrowing schemes offered by CAVAL (Cooperative Action by Victorian Academic Libraries) and ULANZ (the University Libraries of Australia and New Zealand).

To locate the book, search catalogues of other libraries.

If you want to borrow from other Victorian university or TAFE libraries

  • Check if you are eligible to get a CAVAL card.
  • Confirm that the library is a member of the CAVAL scheme.
  • Take your current RMIT ID to the library you wish to borrow from. That library will issue you with a CAVAL card. (RMIT University OUA students please note: you must first register for a CAVAL card at an RMIT University Library service desk).
  • You can use the CAVAL card at any member library.
  • You need both your RMIT ID and the CAVAL card to borrow items from other libraries.

If you want to borrow from other Australian or New Zealand university libraries

  • Confirm that this library participates in ULANZ
  • Apply in person at the library you wish to borrow from, unless the library has an online registration scheme. You will need a photo ID and a proof of current enrolment. Some libraries may charge a registration fee.


  • Membership is for the current calendar year only, regardless when you join throughout the year.
  • Proof of continued enrolment or employment will be required to renew your registration each year.
  • Membership is personal and not transferable.

Borrowing and returns

Loans can only be made in person from the library where you register.

You must return items to the library you borrowed from. Penalties and fines for late returns are at the discretion of the lending library. These will be set out in the membership brochure available at the lending library.

Overdue items

Your borrowing rights at our Library will be suspended and you may not be able to re-enroll, receive results or graduate until your record is cleared.

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