Dr Jeremy Keens


Senior Lecturer

School /
Work Unit

Medical Sciences

Contact Details

+61 3 9925 7308



Building: 201
Level: 2
Room: 37

Bundoora West Campus


Science, Engineering & Health

Dr Jeremy Keens

Summary of responsibilities

I am currently the Program Co-ordinator for the B Biomedical Science.


  • B.Sc (Hons), UNSW, 1976
  • PhD, UNSW, 1986

Teaching responsibilities

My current teaching and co-ordinating is in:

  • Principles of Human Biology - an introduction to anatomy, histology and physiology taken by a broad range of students including Medical Science, Laboratory Medicine, Human Movement, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Osteopathy, Chiropractic and Chinese Medicine. Co-ordinating and teaching
  • Introduction to Biomedical Science - The introductory course for our commencing first years, and I also have been co-ordinating the common components of the courses within the School
  • Teaching the developmental component within the Developmental and Cell Biology course
  • Neuroscience - particularly the anatomical component
  • Histology
  • The anatomical component of Cardiovascular Biology

Academic management / administration responsibilities

  • Co-ordinator, B Biomedical Science

Industry / profession / community involvement

Member of:

  • Australian and New Zealand Association of Clinical Anatomists
    • Member of the council
  • American Association of Anatomists

Educational development work

Introduction of new technologies into teaching has been a focus of my involvement in educational development - I was one of the first round of Learning Technology Mentors at RMIT. I have developed a range of new courses for various degree programs supported by the School across a variety of areas (cell biology, histology, genetics, human biology, anatomical skills, work experience). I have received 2 RMIT Learning and Teaching Innovation Fund grants to introduce and expand the use of Personal Response Devices.

Research interests

  • The research for my Honours and PhD related primarily to tracing visual pathways in cats and rats, using degeneration studies and later horseradish peroxidase (HRP). I discontinued with this work for personal and ethical reasons.
  • As indicated by my publication list I am more interested in research the impact of changes in teaching methods - whether it be the introduction of new technology or different approaches.This has centred recently on the introduction of Personal Response Systems within RMIT
  • Plastination, my other interest, has been getting a bad name lately with the antics of Dr von Hagens. However, we have a small plastination unit and produce small, portable specimens.

Research publications


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Abstracts and Conference Presentation

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