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Science, Engineering and Health

Key activities

I teach the immunology course as part of the Diploma in Biotechnology and Diploma in Pathology Testing.In addition to sessional teaching, I work full time in my professional field - diagnostic haematology at a large public hospital.This aligns my teaching with its industry context.


  • Bachelor of Science, University of Sydney (Australia), 1984
  • Graduate Diploma of Medical Laboratory Science (with Distinction), RMIT (Australia), 1994
  • Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment, RMIT (Australia) pending

Further study

  • Continuing Education, Pathology, University of Melbourne, 1988
  • Recombinant DNA Technology course, Monash University, 1989
  • Venepuncture and ECG course, 1993
  • Remote rural work experience: PathCentre, Derby, Western Australia, 5 weeks, 1998
  • APACE: continuing professional education scheme of Australian Institute of Medical Science, 1999, 2001, 2003

Teaching responsibilities

I teach Immunology as part of the Diploma in Applied Science (Biotechnology) and Diploma in Laboratory Technology (Pathology Testing).The course introduces students to the components of the immune system and their function. By the end of the course, students should be able to:

  • interpret and apply relevant terminology accurately and appropriately (know the words and use them correctly);
  • link function of the immune components to immunopathological conditions (know what goes wrong when parts of the immune system don't work properly);
  • describe the principles of immunological assays and understand instrumentation used in these assays (describe how assays work and what equipment they use); and
  • analyse the factors contributing to safe and efficient technical practice in the immunology laboratory (work out what makes things run well in the lab).

My teaching has been recognised by a Faculty of Life Sciences Teaching Quality Award for Student-Centred Teaching in 2003.This award acknowledges my attention to ongoing quality improvement; interesting and imaginative approaches to a complex subject; well-organised class material; enthusiastic adoption of new technology and delivery modes; and the energy and enthusiasm of my interaction with students, particularly those from non-English speaking backgrounds.A high proportion of students move on to employment in the field, or articulate to a higher degree course with an excellent grounding in Immunology.

Industry experience

Membership of Professional Associations:

  • Australian Institute of Medical Science (AIMS)
  • Australian Society for Microbiology (ASM)
  • Institute of Biomedical Sciences, UK
  • Victorian Immunohaematology Discussion Group (VIDG)
  • Women in Science Enquiry Network (WISENET)

Awards and Prizes

  • 2002: Faculty of Life Sciences, RMIT University, Teaching Quality Award for Student-Centred Teaching (TAFE).
  • 1988: Joint winner, CSL Bicentenary Lecture Competition.


Dean B, McAdam AJ, Sundram S, Pavey G, Harrison LC, Copolov DL.

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McAdam AJ. Transfusing blood and other products to counteract massive blood loss: an overview. Australian Journal of Medical Science 1995;16:94-101 (Review article)

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McAdam AJ. Forty Years of Beatles: Fifty Years of DNA – the anniversary of the double helix. Benchpress 2003; April, WISENET journal 2003; August.

Abstracts and Presentations

McAdam AJ. "All you ever wanted to know about Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis but thought someone might tell you if you asked" – oral presentation. CSL 1988

McAdam AJ, Sundram S, Dean B. “Glutathione decreases dopamine uptake by human platelets” – poster. Australian Neurosciences Conference, Mental Health Research Institute of Victoria, 1993.

McAdam AJ. “Hunting for acanthocytes: an attempt to diagnose neuroacanthocytosis in an elderly man with dementia” – oral presentation. AIMS Annual State Conference, Bendigo Victoria, April 1996.

McAdam AJ. “Blasts from the past: the early detection of blast cells by the Sysmex SE9000 in a case of AML secondary to treatment for ALL five years earlier” – poster. AIMS Annual Scientific Meeting, Adelaide South Australia, October 1996.

McAdam AJ, Haeusler MN, Condon J. "S it is – no it isn't: a Thiomersal dependent Anti-S antibody.” – poster. HAS/ASBT/NZHS Combined Scientific Meeting, Auckland New Zealand, October 1997. Also as an oral presentation entitled “When is a Cell Panel a Hindrance?” at VIDG meeting, December 1996.

McAdam AJ. “PEG in low ionic solution may increase rate of detecting and identifying clinically significant antibodies” – oral presentation. National Immunohaematology Continuing Education (NICE) conference, November 1998 and VIDG meeting, February 1999.

McAdam AJ. “Outbreak of melioidosis in North Western Australia” – poster. 3rd European Congress of Medical Laboratory Technology, The Hague, Netherlands, May 1999.

"Award Winners"

Andrea McAdam and other winners of Life Sciences Teaching Quality Awards 2003 with the Associate Dean (Academic)