29 June 2015

Getting on top of Major Incidents

The introduction of review processes and problem management is helping ITS reduce the occurrence of major ICT incidents across the university.

Results over the past three years speak for themselves - 109 major incidents in 2012, 82 in 2013, 65 in 2014 and 17 so far this year (up to 6 May).

Although we’re moving in the right direction, large scale mitigation activity like core network replacement and establishing disaster recovery capabilities take time and investment to realise the benefit. To further reduce incidents in the short term, ITS is taking action by:

  • ensuring business critical services align with continuity processes
  • targeting specific underlying issues by reviewing risks, actions and mitigations
  • reviewing vendor support agreements
  • improving lifecycle planning - including inventory and certificate management, and critical monitoring systems.

We’re currently on track to achieve our target of less than 50 major incidents in 2015.