Web Room Booking

The Web Room Booking System is an easy-to-use website for ad hoc bookings of RMIT University teaching space by all staff members.

This does not include booking meeting spaces at the University. Please contact your school or department administration for further information.

Bookings can be:

  • up to three continuous weeks (outside of HE/TAFE semesters), and are in 24-hour format (ie. 9am is 9:00 and 9pm is 21:00)
  • in any centrally-managed classroom or lecture theatre (not meeting rooms).

Some specialist spaces are also available to school staff members.

Bookings are restricted between the commencement of VE semester and the end of HE semester week one.

- S1 - 6 Feb to 5 Mar

- S2 - 6 Jul - 23 Jul

Room bookings for staff

Support information for staff

Any enquiries relating to the system can be directed to RMIT Service and Support website.