RMIT University Academic and Professional Staff Enterprise Agreement 2014

52. Academic staff supervision


Each academic will have a nominated supervisor, and will be advised of the name and position of the nominated supervisor. Academic employees may request the nomination of an alternative supervisor.


Supervisors will provide academic and administrative leadership, and are responsible for monitoring the performance of academics and for providing assistance to academics whose performance is assessed as requiring improvement. Wherever possible, supervisors will be competent in the areas of expertise of the academics for whom they are responsible.


The procedures set out in this clause are designed to provide a mechanism to assess performance of academic employees. The primary purpose of this process is to provide assistance to any academic employee whose performance is assessed as requiring improvement.


The supervisor will be the head of the academic unit in which the academic is employed, provided that the Vice-Chancellor or nominee may delegate in writing another academic employee classified at Level C or above, to be supervisor of one or more academics or group of academics.


The supervisor will, as far as practicable, within three months of being nominated, receive appropriate training in academic employees assessment techniques and relevant provisions of this Agreement including the academic disciplinary procedures.


Nothing in this Agreement prevents an academic employee who is head of an academic organisational unit which is not a sub-component of any larger academic organisational unit (such a unit may be called a “College” or “Portfolio” or similar title) being made directly responsible to the relevant Pro Vice-Chancellor, or Vice-Chancellor, or nominee within the Vice-Chancellery, in which case the terms of clauses 52.1 to 52.5 will have no application to the academic employee.

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