myDesktop connects you to your applications and files; anywhere, anytime.

myDesktop is a virtual desktop interface that allows academic and teaching staff, and their students, to use their own device to access desktop applications and RMIT drives on or off campus. Because students have access to course applications anywhere at anytime, staff can spend more time on learning and teaching activities.

A large number of applications are available for use, with more continually being added.

Getting started


Citrix Receiver is required to run myDesktop on your device. Citrix Receiver is a free download that you will be prompted to install upon first logging in. If using a mobile device, you will be required to install the Citrix Receiver app before you can log in.


Please note that if an application can only run in a Mac operating system environment, it cannot be made available in myDesktop.

Good practice

Maintenance and quality

At the beginning of each semester, it is advised that you;

  • Ensure the application you require access to, is in myDesktop. This can be completed by raising a request with Service Desk or via myTechSupport.
  • Check your required applications still work as expected.
  • Ensure all Program and Course codes are set up for applications as required.
  • If you cannot find the application in myDesktop, log a request via myTechSupport.



For support or information about myDesktop, contact the myDesktop Project Team or the IT service desk.