17 March 2016

Millionaire Hot Seat

The Nine Network is offering you and your friends the opportunity to attend a live recording of Millionaire Hot Seat and see Eddie McGuire live in action!

Recording days:

  • Tuesday 12 April – 10:15am arrival
  • Tuesday 12 April – 12:20pm arrival
  • Wednesday 13 April – 10:15am arrival
  • Wednesday 13 April – 12:20pm arrival
  • Tuesday 3 May – 10:15am arrival
  • Tuesday 3 May – 12:20pm arrival
  • Wednesday 4 May – 10:15am arrival
  • Wednesday 4 May – 12:20pm arrival

As an audience member, you must decide to attend a 10:15am arrival session or a 12:20pm arrival session. Each recording day, eight episodes are filmed across the two session times and each audience member is required to stay for six out of the eight episodes.

There are breaks after every episode, as well as food and drink provided.

There is also a raffle drawn at the end of the day where all audience members are entered into to win up to $1000 in cash or two tickets to watch the Footy Show live!

To take part, email Noha Soulibe at nsoulibe@nine.com.au with the following information:

  • full name
  • chosen date
  • chosen arrival time
  • amount of tickets
  • contact number.

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