iApply troubleshooting for agents

All applications to RMIT should be lodged in iApply.

Common issues and solutions

This guide covers common issues and solutions when using iApply.

Before you submit application

If you get an error message, first try to clear your cache. If you continue to experience technical difficulties please contact the Admissions Helpdesk

  • PC - Press CTRL+F5
  • Mac users - Command+Shift+R

Agent Login

  • Agents must use login for ‘Returning users’ (below)
  • Do not ‘Register’ on the left - that is for direct student applicants only
  • If you need login IDs please email clientrelations@rmit.edu.au
  • Do not share logins between offices or you cannot tell which office has created the application

iApply Login

Forgotten password

  • Do not use the "Forgot your password" link as this is for direct applicants only
  • To change Agent password please contact clientrelations@rmit.edu.au

iApply - forgot password

Error message “This account has expired”

Please email clientrelations@rmit.edu.au

Create new applicant


  • Use the student’s email address not your company’s email

iApply - Register

Error message “Username already in use”

iApply - Error

Error - Blank screen

iApply -Error blank  screen

  • If you can’t create an application, your web browser may be blocking content.
  • To fix this click on the pop-up blocked message in the top right of your screen. Select the Enable pop-ups message. Then retry to create your application. You only have to do this once.



Personal details

  • If your student has no mobile phone number enter six zeros - 000000.


  • Provide a passport number - this makes it faster to process the application if the student is already in our system.

Address and Qualifications

  • Do not use symbols when entering student address and qualifications - e.g. quotation marks (’ “commas, & * # ! @ < > = : ; ). This causes errors in reporting and may affect your commission

Representative screen (Family) refers to a family member who may be representing the student.

  • Do not enter you or your company in the ‘Representative’ screen.

iApply - representatives

Apply for programs

Add Multiple programs / preferences

  • You can only apply for one program at a time.
  • If multiple (not package) programs enter the same order as the student’s preference.
  • RMIT uses the timestamp to rank the student preference of programs.

Add VCE programs

  • Use keyword search: ‘VCE’.
  • Do NOT use the drop down with ‘program level’

English for Academic Purposes

  • You cannot choose the length of study. The system default is five weeks.
  • The number of weeks required for the student will be assessed by the admissions team and is based on their current English score.

Upload correctly

Before submission

  • Use the Upload Documents link
  • This link is only valid for 24 hours after you submit.

After 24 hours of submission

  • Use the upload now link
  • You must wait for an email from RMIT to let you know this is ready
  • Do not use the Upload documents link or your documents may not reach the admissions office and processing will be delayed.

iApply -Submission

Upload requirements

  • The system takes a long time to upload documents - please be patient.
  • Files size must be 10MB or less
  • For large media provide a document with links to Youtube or similar website.
  • To avoid system crash upload each file separately or upload a Zip file.
  • Label your documents clearly e.g. Passport, visa, academic transcript.

Save & Submit

You can save your application at any time before submission.

Manage application

Track progress of submitted applications

iApply - Tracking

Accept Offer

  • Agents cannot accept on student’s behalf.
  • Students must log in themselves to accept their offer

Error - Confirmation of Enrolment

Training documents

Contact your regional team to request a webinar or face-to-face training for you or your staff.