29 June 2015

Taking student accounts online

ITS has been working in partnership with Financial Services and the Academic Registrar’s Group to improve the general management of student financials and to make invoicing clearer, easier and more effective.

On 1 June, the Student Invoice and Debt Management (SIDM) project delivered a key milestone - a new online account for student financials. Via Enrolment Online students can now view their up-to-date financial details by due date and class, see enrolment changes immediately and make online payments anytime.

The improved experience means students will now receive an invoice whenever they make a transaction, rather than having to rely on monthly generated tax invoices. They’ll also be able to self serve instead of contacting the Hub to understand and pay their fees and charges.

For more information about the SIDM project and the release of the new online account, visit the SIDM Google site. The project will be looking to improve the debt management process for students as part of its next activity.