Prescription spectacles reimbursement procedure

Intent and objectives

In accordance with the Health, safety and security policy, the University will take all reasonable precautions to protect the health and safety of its staff and will contribute to the costs of fixed focal length prescription spectacles for all staff members who require them specifically for working with screen based equipment.


All fixed term and continuing staff.


Casual or agency staff.

Procedure steps and actions

Before arranging any sight screenings or purchase of prescription spectacles for work, staff members should obtain agreement from their manager that they qualify for reimbursement.

In view of the complexity of the problem associated with distances, keyboards and occasional use of screens and documents, Human Resources can be contacted for advice.

If it has been agreed by the manager that fixed focal length prescription spectacles are required for work, then the staff member is eligible for reimbursement. The spectacles should be specifically prescribed to suit the staff member's work.

Prescription spectacles may be purchased from the spectacle maker of the staff member's choice.

Staff members will be reimbursed from school/work unit funds to the maximum amount of $110. The reimbursement applies only to costs not covered by private health insurance or other schemes. Supporting receipts are required for reimbursement and should be attached to the Staff reimbursement form. The form should also state the reason for reimbursement and make reference to this policy.

The reimbursement applies once every two years

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