Options for resolution

You need to decide how you would like to deal with your issue. You are advised to seek advice and information from University staff or Student Union services, after which you can choose:

  • to resolve the matter personally, with or without assistance
  • an informal resolution process
  • a formal resolution process
  • to take no further action
  • to provide feedback via surveys, focus groups, comments or student-staff consultative committees.

Our aim is always to work towards a constructive resolution for all parties wherever possible.

Expected timeline for resolution

If you lodge a formal complaint in writing, normally you can expect to receive acknowledgement in writing within two working days and a decision within 20 working days. However, depending on the complexity of the case and the information provided, this timeframe may vary.

To assist with the timely resolution of your complaint it is important that you:

  • detail the steps you have taken towards resolution
  • clearly state the outcome you are seeking
  • provide relevant supporting documentation.