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RMIT is committed to providing employees, students, contractors and visitors with a safe and healthy environment to work and study. The provision of an emergency first aid program that provides emergency treatment and/or basic life support forms part of this commitment. The Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 and the Code of Practice – First Aid in the Workplace, outline the current legislative requirements.


University wide



Procedure steps and actions





1. All University workplaces and field activities must have an appropriate number of suitably trained first aiders and adequately stocked first aid kits. Each School/non academic business unit will appoint a First Aid Co-ordinator who will be trained at Senior/Level 2 First Aid. The Head of School/Equivalent head of non academic business unit and the First Aid Co-ordinator will be responsible for co-ordinating the implementation and monitoring of this procedure within the School/non academic business unit. A list of First Aid Co-ordinators will be displayed on the RMIT website.

Head of School/Equivalent head of non academic business unit.

Human Resources will maintain University list of First Aid Co-ordinators on the Health and Safety website.

Within 3 months of the commencement date of this procedure.

2. Each work area will conduct a First Aid Risk Assessment to determine the number of first aiders, the level of training required and the content of first aid kits for their particular area. The assessment must be undertaken in consultation with the First Aid Co-ordinator, staff and the health and safety representative of the work area. All assessment documentation must be retained within the work area.

Head of School/Equivalent head of non academic business unit in conjunction with Manager/Supervisor

1. Initial then every three years for all work areas. More frequently if there is a major change to the workgroup or activities within the workgroup.

2. Before all field/off campus activities take place.

Code of practice – first aid in the workplace

First aid risk assessment form (DOC 78kb 2p)

First aid risk assessment guidelines

3. In accordance with the outcome of the First Aid Risk Assessment, each workplace will appoint an appropriate number of first aiders for all work areas and field activities. The first aiders must be employees of the University and should be appointed taking into account the following attributes:

  • A genuine interest in first aid
  • Voluntarily appointed to the role
  • Able to be called away from their ordinary work at short notice
  • Free to carry out the role as necessary
  • Spend the majority of their time in their specific work area
  • Able to be released to undertake training in order to maintain skill levels
  • Relate well to other staff
  • Have the capacity to deal with injury and illness
  • Should be prepared to be immunised against Hepatitis B (paid for by workplace)
  • Commitment to undertake regular training and information sessions.


Immediately following the establishment of a workplace and completion of first aid risk assessment.

4. All first aiders must be currently and appropriately trained at the level determined in the first aid risk assessment. First aiders should also be immunised against Hepatitis B as a precaution against exposure while assisting a patient. The cost of attendance at training courses and immunisations will be met by the relevant School/non academic business unit. On completion of training, a copy of the First Aid Certificate must be forwarded to the First Aid Co-ordinator.

First Aiders and Head of School/Equivalent head of non academic business unit.

Basic Certificate valid for 3 years.

CPR Refresher required every 12 months.

First aid training information

5. Information relating to first aiders and their qualifications must be forwarded to Human Resources where the information will be entered into SAP. First Aid Co-ordinators will be provided with training to access first aid reports from SAP and will remind first aiders of future training requirements.

Human Resources

First Aid Co-ordinators

Immediately following receipt of qualifications

6. An appropriate number of first aid kits must be maintained in each work area as determined by the first aid risk assessment. All kits must contain the basic contents as outlined in the First Aid Kit Information and can be purchased through Corporate Express. The first aid risk assessment will determine any additional items required in addition to the basic kit contents. Purchase of any additional items can only be approved by the Head of School/Equivalent head of non academic business unit after sighting the first aid risk assessment for the area.

Heads of School/Equivalent head of non academic business unit and First Aid Co-ordinator

Purchase of new kits immediately upon establishment of workplace.

First aid training information

7. The First Aid Co-ordinator will ensure the contents of all first aid kits are checked and restocked at a minimum of every six months or more frequent intervals as determined by the First Aid Risk Assessment. Contents can be purchased through Corporate Express.

First Aid Co-ordinator

Every 6 months

First Aid Kit Information

8. Information relating to first aid kits and first aiders must be communicated and promoted within each work area.

Manager/supervisor and First Aid Co-ordinator

Induction of new employees and students.


Health and Safety Information Flyer

9. Schools and non academic business units should ensure first aiders are adequately supported in their activities through:

  • Incorporation of role in annual work plan,
  • Attendance at relevant training,
  • Provision of network opportunities within School/non academic business unit.

Human Resources will co-ordinate twice yearly first aid network meetings.

Head of School/Equivalent head of non academic business unit and First Aid Co-ordinators.

Human Resources


Twice yearly

10. First aiders must ensure all treatment is recorded on the First Aid Treatment Form. The form will then be forwarded to the First Aid Co-ordinator where it will be reviewed for follow up action and retained. A copy of the treatment report will be attached to the Human Resources copy of a University Hazard/Incident Report Form where one is lodged. For privacy reasons, completed First Aid Treatment Forms must not be kept in the First Aid Kit.

First Aiders

Immediately following provision of treatment

First aid treatment form (DOC 95kb 1p)

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