09 July 2013

Bundoora campus staff address 9 July 2013

Attendees: 53

Question and answer session

Q. Are there plans to seal the bike track and add lighting at the southwestern border of the campus?

A. Lighting has not been raised as an issue before. Offline discussions with David Howard from Property Services will ensue.

Q. Has any consideration been made to a single projector being installed in the Building 224 lecture theatre, as opposed to the current left-screen-right-screen arrangement?

A. This was asked for in the initial designs for the theatre but advised against and is an ITS issue that will be raised again.

Also, discussions with ITS around the B224 screens outside of the theatre being fully functional are occurring.

Q. How do we get junk removed from spaces?

A. Property Services will organise removalists if you provide them with an internal order number. If it’s a common area, the College of Science, Engineering and Health will negotiate to pay for it.

Q. Is there a bike cage planned for Bundoora East as well as West?

A. Yes, a storage space for the East campus is part of the bike storage proposal.

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