19 August 2016

Kick disposable cups to the curb with Realfoods

Inside Realfoods Bundoora

Reduce waste, one tasty, warm cup of goodness at a time!

Committed to reducing waste and reducing the use of disposable cups, Realfoods at City and Bundoora campus are giving you an incentive to bring your own cup the next time you order your hot drink.

Realfoods is a not-for-profit social enterprise run by staff and students volunteers of the RMIT Student Union (RUSU). They are all about sustainability and providing delicious vegan , organic, healthy food options to the people of RMIT and beyond.

Join them in reducing waste, one tasty, warm cup of goodness at time by;

• bringing your own cup and Realfoods will take 10 cents off any hot drink.


• purchasing a Realfoods keep-cup and they’ll take 20 cents off any hot drink every time you use the cup. Plus, get a free coffee with your initial keep-cup purchase.

To learn more about Realfoods, go to www.facebook.com/RUSUrealfoods.

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