19 July 2011

Bundoora campus staff address 12 July 2011

Question and answer session

Q. The escalators in Buidling 201 regularly aren’t working. Do some turn off automatically?

A. These are energy-saving escalators that cease operating when there is no traffic, though they should start up again when people begin walking on them. However, if staff or students find they aren’t operating as they should on a regular basis then they need to phone extension 52111 and let Property Services know. Property Services will ensure that appropriate signage with the contact information will be provided around campus and in the Bundoora Campus Newsletter.

Q. How would Property Services notify staff that the problem is in the process of being repaired?

A. Property Services must communicate this to staff by notifying the appropriate contacts.

Q. How reliable are the 201 escalators if they continue to breakdown on a regular basis?

A. There is an additional issue in that students can activate the safety switch by hanging off the rails.

Q. Is there a plan to develop the space outside of the meeting rooms in Building 202, Level 3?

A. Yes, it will possibly become a graduate student space. There is a feasibility project in development at the moment for this plan. It was waylaid after a lack of support from schools last year.

Q. Will the pedestrian spine eventually expanded all the way out to Plenty Road? There is still an issue with students walking down the drive as the path currently only connects main buildings.

A. This will happen in the next phase of the pedestrian spine works, and was in the initial plans. This is a capital work which should be rolled forward within the next two years, once the Swanston Academic Building and the new Design Hub have been completed.

Q. What is the status of the Building 201, Level 9 laboratory development?

A. These are on track for completion in 2012. The designs and feasibility have been completed and are currently going through the University’s approval process.

Q. How far in advance may you book car parks in the city?

A. The procedure is to book 24 hours in advance, as historically blanket bookings have gone unused.

Q. Can this be closely scrutinized, as it makes forward planning difficult? Perhaps a penalty system could be put in place if a booking goes unused?

A. Property Services will look into options. Perhaps more bays would give flexibility for bookings in advance.

Q. If an academic is delivering a lecture later in the day, often no car spaces are left. Can those of us who need to deliver a regular lecture be allowed to book in advance?

A. Property Services will look into this.

Q. Could the number of parking passes be increased to allow better utilization of the space?

A. Another possibility is that staff could leave their pass with City security so there isn’t any delay for those waiting on the pass to return to Bundoora for the next user. Increasing the number of passes may cause some staff members to become complacent.

Q. Can School receptionists manage parking bookings?

A. Property Services take records of all booking requests and put it into in the calendars allocated for each space. With this current practice, some double-ups are allowed, so Property Services are anxious about extensions of the bookings at present.

Q. Some staff are abusing the booking system by booking full days when only a portion of the day is required. What can be done about this?

A. This is unacceptable practice and should be penalised. Appropriate usage of spaces will need to be clarified in the booking process.

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