PD Sessions Semester 2 2012

Making the most of SAB

The design of your semester 2 professional development program was informed by the responses to this month’s survey of your early experience in building 80’s learning spaces. These sessions are facilitated by the College of Business Academic Development Group.

All seminars are practical and interactive, presented by RMIT practitioners who have successful experience facilitating learning in these types of spaces. The seminars represent an opportunity for some of you to meet the PD requirements in your workplans.

The seminars are scheduled for about one hour with time allocated for Q & A. Light lunch will be provided for the lunchtime sessions.

Open Seminar program

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Thu, Aug 30
Tue Sep 4


Technology in interactive and project-based learning spaces: Affordances and challenges


Wed, Sep 5


A myDesktop refresher


Mon, Sep 10


Best practice in the spotlight


Tue, Sep18


Flipping the classroom: Activities for Interactive Spaces


Wed, Oct 3


Reflecting and projecting: the lived experience of SAB learning spaces in semester 2


Tue, Oct 9


Reimagining: Designing the 2013 SAB learning experience


1. Technology in interactive and project-based spaces: affordances and challenges

Survey respondents indicated strong interest in exploring ways to successfully engage with SAB’s collaborative teaching technologies. Presenters will focus on how the range of technologies can enhance staff/student interactions and promote student engagement and collaborative learning activities.

Time will be allocated for a Q&A segment where participants have an opportunity to discuss specific aspects of the technologies, from technical and pedagogical viewpoints.

Technologies covered will include Tidebreak ClassSpot and TeamSpot and Personal response systems, Keepad and ResponseWare (clickers).



RMIT Teaching and Learning information on PRS

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2. A myDesktop refresher

ITS will present an overview of what myDesktop is followed by a full demonstration using the classroom computer. They will also demonstrate using an iPad to access myDesktop, to show the benefits of being able to access from any type of device.

Time will be allocated for questions and to provide assistance to anyone who would like to connect to or access the system.


Student Services myDesktop

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3. Best practice in the spotlight

Four presenters will share their personal accounts of how they have used the new learning spaces to enhance their teaching practice; each will provide take away ideas for participants to try.

Time will be allocated for questions and to discuss the pedagogical ideas presented.

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4. Flipping the classroom: activities for interactive spaces

The concept of 'flipping' the classroom will be explored in this session; what is it, why 'flip', as well as some strategies for teaching staff to use in their own delivery. Opportunity to share stories and further explore the concepts being presented will be built into the session.


Wikipedia definition on Flip teaching

TED video - Salman Khan: Let's use video to reinvent education

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5. Reflecting and Projecting: the lived experience of SAB learning spaces in semester 2

This session will provide the opportunity to reflect on the move to the SAB, what have been the highlights and the challenges of the move. The discussion will provide some insight to further PD needs in the College.

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6. Reimagining: Designing the 2013 SAB learning experience

With one semester of experience this session will provide the opportunity to look forward; where to next year, what needs to be reconsidered, what opportunities are there for delivery in 2013?

The session is designed to provide some thoughts and directions for your planning for next year.

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