Validation of assessment – Higher Education instruction

Instruction statement

To ensure that:

  • validation of assessment practices are systematically implemented to assess course quality and drive continuous improvement in education delivery and assessment. Validation processes will be inclusive of all stakeholders including industry and other external parties (as appropriate);
  • the design of a program is validated by checking that the characteristics of assessment methods/tasks in each course, across all programs, are well defined and are aligned with the requirements of the learning experiences and outcomes of that course;
  • assessment activities for new, amended or varied courses are
    • consistent with the intended learning outcomes;
    • fair with respect to weighting and timing of assessment across the program;
  • where graded assessment occurs, marking criteria for each grade are clearly specified and made available to students, are cross-checked for clarity and objectivity, and are at an appropriate standard;
  • for each assessment task/activity agreed judgements about interpreting evidence and marking criteria are established in order to maximise consistency, fairness and reliability


VCE, VCAL and VET programs

The research component of higher degree by research programs




1. Validation of Assessment Strategy

1.1 With reference to the Program Guide, theProgram Learning Outcomes matrix, and the philosophy of assessment the development team should ensure that:

  • all learning outcomes are assessed
  • there is appropriate sequencing of learning outcome development
  • there is no unnecessary duplication of assessment of learning outcomes
  • assessment strategies are progressive across levels
  • there is diversity of assessment strategies across the program
  • consultation over assessment design takes place with appropriate external accreditation/regulatory bodies where courses or programs are subject to such external authority
  • a process for documentation of the validation strategy has been implemented

Team leader

As Part of the development/ renewal process

2. Validation strategies

Validation strategies should include, but are not limited to the following:

  • course assessor and program team meetings to review the effectiveness of assessment methods, tasks and processes
  • External assessment panels or teams of assessors
  • Statistical comparison of assessment results
  • Comparison of a sample of assessment grades to ensure consistent interpretation of outcomes
  • Benchmarking exercises with other organisations to compare assessment processes and practices
  • Appointment of a ‘lead assessor’ to manage or oversee the assessment process
  • Establishment of an assessment panel to oversee or monitor the assessment process
  • A mentoring system for assessors
  • Analysis of student feedback: e.g., student satisfaction surveys, student-staff consultative committees.

3. Implementing improvements identified via the validation process

3.1 Modify or adjust aspects of the assessment strategy, activities and/or marking criteria in line with the documented outcomes of the validation process. Update the Course Guides, as appropriate.

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