Managing risks and hazards

To keep everyone safe at RMIT, it is important to take a proactive approach to managing incidents, risks and hazards. The appropriate steps must be taken to manage and investigate any incidents, as well as mitigating risks and hazards when they arise.

This section is informed by the Operational Risk Management Global System Element.

Workplace inspections

HSW corporate risk register (Coming soon)

HSW Risk management

Management of change

Safety in design (Coming soon)

Process and plant safety

Contractor management

Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004, all employers are required to provide a workplace that is safe and without risks to health. This requirement extends to contractors.

RMIT University adopts a best practice approach when managing its contractors.

Building specific inductions (Coming soon)

Online contractor general induction

To assist RMIT in complying with the relevant Occupational Health and Safety legislative requirements the University has developed the RMIT contractor online general induction.

The RMIT contractor online general induction is a self-paced online learning program which has been developed to provide all RMIT contractors with useful, practical and general health and safety information.

Who is required to complete the RMIT contractor online general induction?

Any contractor working on RMIT premises under the management and control of RMIT University is required to complete the appropriate level of the RMIT contractor online induction prior to commencing work with RMIT University and subsequently as a refresher every 2 years.

How do contractors access the RMIT contractor online induction?

The interactive induction takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. RMIT encourages you to complete the online general induction in one session.

The RMIT contractor online induction is accessible through any computer that has internet access. You will require a username and password to access the online induction.

Username: rmit

Password: compliance

There is a compulsory multiple choice questionnaire at the end of the induction. You will be required to answer 80% of the questions correctly to successfully complete the RMIT contractor online induction.

Once the online induction and questionnaire have been successfully completed you will be required to input your name and employer details. You will then be issued with a certificate of completion, which you are required to print and provide a copy to your employer.

To help us with improvements and to provide feedback about the contractor online induction please contact the RMIT Human Resources Health and Safety Team

General HSW contract conditions (Coming soon)

Contractor registration (Coming soon)