Withdrawal from Work Integrated Learning


For non-placement withdrawals from Work Integrated Learning (WIL)-based courses students observe the dates and instructions available via vary your enrolment


In the case of non-placement in Vietnam the Careers Development and Employment Office must be notified. Students also need to observe the dates for enrollment to avoid fines.


Concerns about any issues should be addressed at the earliest opportunity. The WIL practitioner may be advised of these concerns by either the student or the partner organisation. RMIT has the right to withdraw a student from a placement for issues such as:

  • consistent failure by the student to perform after guidance has been given
  • a health condition which significantly restricts the ability of a student to comply with the partner organisation’s OHS requirements
  • breaches of legal, professional or ethical codes by the student or partner organisation.

Comprehensive coverage of the types of issue and how to progress concerns is included as part of the report an incident process map.

Progression following removal from placement

Suggested processes for reviewing student progression following removal from placement or other WIL activities (including mechanisms for return to placement) are included as part of the report an incident process map.