Acceptable use of information and communication technology standard

By using RMIT information and communication technology systems and infrastructure, you are acknowledging that:

1. Access is for university study or work purposes, with an allowance for reasonable personal use which includes:

1.1. Internet banking;

1.2. Occasionally emailing acquaintances on personal matters;

1.3. Short web browsing sessions (provided that such browsing does not breach RMIT policy);

1.4. Occasional use of social media; and

1.5. Brief personal telephone calls or SMSs.

2. You must not create, access, transmit or otherwise deal with content which is illegal or which may reasonably be regarded as objectionable, defamatory or offensive and which may expose the University to legal liability. This includes:

2.1. Pornography, including sexually explicit and sexually suggestive pictures, jokes and cartoons;

2.2. Depictions of violence, deceased persons or medical procedures (except as part of legitimate business-related work);

2.3. Discriminatory or harassing material such as inappropriate material relating to race, religion, gender, age, disability or sexual preference and obscene, harassing, or unwelcome behaviour;

2.4. Reproducing, distributing or otherwise dealing with copyright material or other intellectual property in breach of the intellectual property rights of any person(s); and

2.5. Hacking and the deliberate spreading of viruses or malicious code.

3. Access for the following purposes is specifically prohibited:

3.1. Unauthorised streaming video, music, internet radio, online games, unauthorised file-sharing, recreational chat; and

3.2. Gambling/gaming.

4. You must not send unsolicited email messages to multiple users, unless explicitly approved by the appropriate University authority. RMIT student lists may only be used for direct academic purposes and only by authorised staff.

5. You are required to advise RMIT of any security issues or breaches of which you become aware.

6. You must not share your account with anyone and must not disclose your password to anyone, including RMIT employees.

7. You accept that all actions and usage may be monitored or recorded.

8. You must not use University systems to attempt to gain unauthorised access to other systems.

9. You must not use IT University resources for commercial purposes without explicit permission.

10. You must not send business or customer information outside RMIT without authorisation or approval.