Long service leave instruction

Instruction statement

Long service leave is leave with pay granted to staff members after a long period of continuous service with the one employer. Its purpose is to recognise the staff member's service and to enable the staff member to have a lengthy period of relaxation during his/her working life.



Instruction steps and actions

1. Eligibility and entitlement

Staff may access the long service leave entitlements on a pro rata basis after completion of seven years recognised continuous service, accrued at the rate of 1.3 weeks for each completed year of service. Staff can take all or a portion of the long service leave.

  • Fixed term and continuing staff: On completion of seven years continuous service, the staff member is entitled to 9.1 weeks long service leave on full pay. After 10 years service, the staff member is entitled to 13 weeks long service leave on full pay.
  • Casual staff: Any service as a casual staff member which meets the requirements of the Long Service Leave Act 1992 (Vic) will count as service for the purposes of long service leave provisions. The entitlement will be calculated on a pro rata basis. In accordance with the Long Service Leave Act 1992 (Vic), for casual staff, service since 01/01/2006 is recognised. Entitlement/accrual is calculated at 1/40th of hours worked and the rate of pay is the average of the last 12 months or last 5 years, whichever is the greater amount. A break of more than 4 months constitutes a break in service.
  • Part-time staff: accrue long service leave on a pro-rata basis with calculations based on the average hours or work over the ten year continuous service period.
  • Recognised prior service: Continuous service for the purpose of long service leave includes service with previous employers recognised by RMIT University (refer to the Recognition of prior service procedure – staff must apply for recognition of prior service within 6 months of commencing employment with RMIT). Staff must serve at least three years with RMIT before they can access long service leave.

2. Notice

Staff will be eligible to take all or a portion of their long service leave at a mutually agreeable time having regard to the operational requirements of the University, provided that a request for leave will not be unreasonably refused.

Staff intending to take their long service leave must provide a minimum of six months notice or, in the absence of such notice the relevant delegated authority is satisfied that alternative arrangements can be made to cover the workload of the staff member.

All requests for long service leave must be submitted through ESS.

3. Long service leave on half-pay

A staff member may elect to convert the relevant period of long service leave to double the period on half pay. Superannuation implications should be discussed with Human Resources.

4. Direction to take long service leave

The University may direct in writing an employee with a long service leave balance of 4.5 months or more to take up to three months leave, commencing within 12 months after the direction at a time determined by the University, provided that an employee cannot be directed to take leave within 24 months of the intended date of retirement. A second direction will not be given within two years of the end of this period of leave.

5. Termination of employment – payment in lieu

On termination of employment a staff member, or their legal representative as appropriate, is entitled to payment in lieu of long service leave accrued but not taken. The amount of such pay will be computed on a daily basis equivalent to 1.3 weeks per annum provided that:

  • the employment of the staff member terminates after seven years or more of service, including service recognised with another employer
  • after four years service with the University, the staff member dies or retires or has his or her employment terminated on the grounds of ill health or in the case of Vocational Education teaching staff, the staff member is retrenched
  • in the case of retrenchment for academic and professional staff, payment in lieu will be for all long service leave accrued for each completed year of service plus a pro rata amount for the current year of service calculated on a daily basis.

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