College Human Ethics Advisory Network (CHEAN)

All research at RMIT involving human participants requires prior written approval of the College Human Ethics Advisory Network (CHEAN) or, where appropriate, the RMIT Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC).

The Design and Social Context CHEAN is a subcommittee of the HREC, and ensures that human research assessed as low or negligible risk according to the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (2007) is conducted ethically, and protects the welfare and rights of participants.

CHEAN policy

The RMIT Research policy covers human research ethics. The Human research ethics process is part of this policy.

The Deputy PVC, Research and Innovation, in Design and Social Context is responsible for the implementation of ethical conduct within the college.

Submission process

The Human Ethics Risk Assessment and Application Form is available from the Human Research Ethics Committee website. Save this file to your hard drive. Part A contains a risk assessment checklist that will guide you to determine the risk level. Part B will populate only after completion of Part A.

All negligible and low risk applications must be emailed to

Please include all supporting documentation, such as the current Participant Information Sheet/Consent Form. Consult the below meeting schedule to determine the agenda closing date for meetings of the DSC CHEAN.

Each application is vetted by research governance staff prior to review by the committee. This governance check ensures completeness of the application, confirms compliance with governance requirements, and provides early feedback to hone the application before it is considered by the committee. The governance check is conducted before applications are distributed to the committee for review, and should not add to the turnaround time of ethics applications.

Any changes to an approved human research ethics project require review. Changes might include extension of expected completion date, changes to the research team, or changes to research methodology. Please complete a Human Ethics Amendment and Extension Form and submit this to

A condition of ethics approval is that you submit annual reports on the progress of your research, and a final report upon its conclusion. These reports are necessary to maintain human research ethics approval. The chief investigator of the approved project will receive automated reminders of these reports. Please complete a Progress/Final Report Form for HREC or CHEAN Project and submit this to



All enquiries and applications about Human Research Ethics approval are to be directed to the CHEAN secretary, Dr David Blades, at


Campus meeting schedule for 2017

Please note that the agenda closing date allows time for the Secretary to conduct an appropriate governance check, and for the chief investigator to make any necessary revisions to the human research ethics application.


Deputy Chairperson: Dr Scott Mayson

Agenda closes

Meets on

Outcome sent to researcher by

3 February

Friday, 17 February

3 March

Friday, 17 March

7 April

Friday, 21 April

5 May

Friday, 19 May

2 June

Friday, 16 June

7 July

Friday, 21 July

7 August

Friday, 18 August

8 September

Friday, 22 September

Monday, 25 September

6 October

Friday, 20 October

Monday, 23 September

3 November

Friday, 17 November

Monday, 20 November

30 November

Thursday, 14 December

Friday, 15 December


Chairperson: Dr Marsha Berry

Agenda closes

Meets on

Outcome sent to researcher by

19 January

Thursday, 2 February

16 February

Thursday, 2 March

23 March

Thursday, 6 April

20 April

Thursday, 4 May

18 May

Thursday, 1 June

22 June

Thursday, 6 July

20 July

Thursday, 3 August

24 August

Thursday, 7 September

21 September

Thursday, 5 October

Friday, 6 October

19 October

Thursday, 2 November

Friday, 3 November

30 November

Thursday, 14 December

Friday, 15 December