Professor Elizabeth Shove


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Profile at Lancaster University, UK

Adjunct Professor Elizabeth Shove is widely acknowledged as an international leader in the fields of consumption studies, material culture and social practice theory, whose work has significant practical, policy and industry-oriented implications. Her pioneering research agenda has consistently challenged the dominant rhetoric and policy discourse of behaviour change and demand management on a wide range of environmental issues, resulting in numerous seminal publications, such as her book ‘Comfort, Cleanliness and Convenience: the social organisation of normality’ (Berg, 2003).

Elizabeth’s significant contributions and commitment to going beyond behaviour change were recently acknowledged by the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), who awarded her a prestigious Climate Change Leadership Fellowship (2008-2011) on ‘Transitions in Practice: Climate Change and Everyday Life’.

Transitions in Practice

In addition to numerous industry-funded projects, Elizabeth has been awarded over six major collaborative ESRC grants in the past ten years in pursuit of this research agenda including ‘Sustainable Domestic Technologies’, ‘Future Comforts’, ‘Interactive Agenda Setting in the Social Sciences’, and ‘Designing and Consuming: objects, practices and processes’.