PD session information

Are You Ready?

A range of Professional Development to get you ready for the SAB including;

  • Unishare, collaborative software, training for project-based rooms
  • L&T and IT essentials drop in sessions, offering advice on connecting to technologies and teaching
  • L&T and IT essentials tours for sessional staff
  • L&T and IT walk throughs, come and visit the new teaching spaces.
Details and calendar of sessions (PDF 2.3MB)

Lunchtime open sessions

Sessions will be held in 108.8.22, focussing on specific aspects of teaching in the SAB. You will hear about the successful experiences of RMIT practitioners in these types of environments. Edited recordings will be available on the SAB blog. Each session is from 12.30 to 1.30.

Maximising the potential: Learning and Teaching in the SAB.
Tuesday March 6
This seminar is the first in this year’s Lunchtime PD sessions. The seminars align with RMIT's commitment to student-centred learning while the aim is to maximise the opportunities provided by the SAB learning spaces.The potential of the new learning spaces in the SAB to promote innovation and a range of resources available are highlighted. The final segment of the seminar features a panel discussion.

You can view the full 33:00min video of Lunchtime Seminar Number One or select from the sections below:
Welcome - Professor Ian Palmer, PVC Business 04:03
Reimagining your teaching - Professor Geoffrey Crisp, Dean Teaching and Learning 08:42
What is the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and why it is important. - Frank Vandali, ITS 02:05
The Quick Guides to learning spaces explained - Tass Katsoulidis 03:26
Need more information? - Cathy Hall 01:11
Questions from the floor - 13:31
Interaction in traditional lectures.
Thursday March 22
This seminar will examine practice examples of interactivity in large classes.Dr Anthony Bedford discusses elements of interactivity he uses in his large class teaching.
View the video for Anthony Bedford - Duration 15:27

Dr Joan Richardson and Professor Ross Smith discuss interaction in their common core course "Introduction to Computing".
View the video for Joan and Ross - Duration 12:50
Joan and Ross's presentation - Large Class Teaching - SAB (PPT 3.92MB )
Enhancing classroom experience through the use of interactive technology: in class; out of class; peer review.
Wednesday April 4
This seminar will examine enhancing the classroom experience using interactive technology.RMIT ITS staff, Bruce Arthur and Joanna Heath talk about the technology available in the classrooms.
Kerin Brearley, School of Media and Communication DSC, provides examples of some of the imaginative ways that she uses similar technology to assist in engaging her students in collaborative learning practices.
View the video for seminar – Duration 40:55
Designing assessment tasks for collaborative learning.
Monday May 7,
This seminar examines designing assessment tasks for collaborative learning.
Sarah Holdsworth shares some of the insights that have emerged from her use of collaborative teaching spaces and how she maximises the learning opportunities for students through group assessment tasks
View the video for Sarah Holdswoth – Duration 13.32

Liz Eades provides a brief overview of her current teaching practices in terms of collaborative assessment tasks, with some examples of how the SAB teaching spaces might impact on what she currently does.
View the video for Liz Eades – Duration 10:55

Questions and examples were fielded from the audience.
View the video for the question time – Duration 22:19
Learning management in the SAB: facilitation,moderation and the student experience.
Friday May 25
Learning management in the SAB: facilitation, moderation & the student experience
Associate Professor Nick Blismas, DSC, explores some practical examples of how his teaching practices focus on student-centered learning, particularly drawing on the opportunities that collaborative teaching spaces support.
View the video for Nick Blismas – Duration 17.28

Ruth Moeller, L&T, DSC, provides advice about ways to effectively manage the whole classroom experience in the SAB teaching spaces, looking at the experience from both the staff and the student perspective.
View the video for Ruth Moeller – Duration 19:28

Questions and examples were fielded from the audience.
View the video for the question time – Duration 9:45
Are you ready? Up to date information on L&T spaces and technologies.
Tuesday June 5
Are You Ready?
Alex Moloney and Joanne Heath, both consultants with ITS, give us up to date information about the Learning and Teaching spaces and technologies.
View the video – Duration 51:44

School specific sessions

Three types of sessions –

  1. SS1 is an introduction to various teaching model options.
  2. SS2 is to introduce the concept of curriculum re-design using a prototype Blackboard site to demonstrate innovative modes of student engagement.
  3. SS3 Additional sessions will be offered to accommodate individual school or discipline-related needs

Wed Mar 7Tues May 1On Request
Wed Mar 14Thur May 3On Request
Business Information Technology & Logistics
Fri Mar 16Wed May 9On Request
Economics, Finance & Marketing
Mon Mar 19Fri May 11On Request
Vocational Business Education
Wed Mar 28Wed May 16On Request
Graduate School of Business & Law
Mon Apr 2Thur May 17On Request