Higher Degree by Research Publications Grant (HDRPG)

This grant aims to encourage you to prepare research publications without jeopardising your progress towards thesis/project completion.

The Higher Degree by Research Publications Grant (HDRPG) provides a living allowance for up to 12 weeks for research students if your thesis/project is under examination and you wish to use that time to prepare scholarly, refereed articles or books based upon your thesis/project.

Value and duration

The grant is valued at $30,900 pro rata for a maximum of 12 weeks, equivalent to the current RTP Stipend Scholarship (RSS). Recipients receive fortnightly pro-rata payments.


To be eligible for this grant, you must:

  • be a higher degree by research candidate
  • have submitted, or submit, a thesis/project for examination by the due date for that grant round
  • not have received a thesis/project examination result, or qualified to graduate by the closing date for that round
  • write scholarly, refereed publications based on your submitted thesis/project
  • have the support of your supervisor who will actively oversee the writing and publication progress during the HDRPG period.

Failure to submit within the designated eligibility period results in transfer of the application for selection in the appropriate round.

How to apply

You are required to apply in the selection round that coincides with the submission date of your thesis/project.

To be considered for this grant, you must:

  • apply by completing the online application form
  • ensure your primary supervisor has submitted the online recommendation form
  • provide a full list of any existing publications you have and a list of scholarly refereed publications you plan to write if you receive the grant (any publications must be based on your submitted thesis/project). This information will be submitted as part of the application form.

Application dates


Application closing dates for the three rounds are:

  • Round 1: 30 April 2018
  • Round 2: 31 August 2018
  • Round 3: 31 October 2018

It normally takes four weeks from the closing date for applications to be assessed and outcomes to be issued.

Terms and conditions

All grant recipients:

  • must maintain regular communication with your nominated supervisor(s) during the tenure of the grant
  • cannot concurrently hold another grant offering similar benefits
  • cannot be involved in full-time, or substantial part-time (i.e. not more than eight hours per week), employment during the tenure of the grant
  • are to acknowledge support received from the RMIT HDRPG in each publication produced.

Applicants who are not based at an RMIT Campus must ensure they will have access to the facilities and resources they need to produce their publications during the tenure of the grant.

Grant duration and progress reports

Successful applicants are offered a 12-week stipend from the date of the proposed ‘Publication commencement date’ in their grant application. This date will be recorded in the grant offer letter.

All grant recipients must complete an Interim Progress Report (PDF 159KB 2p) at the end of the first six weeks of their grant, even if they commenced their publications before the grant was offered to them. Failure to submit the Interim Progress Report results in withdrawal of the grant.

A Final Report of the grant outcomes must be provided within two weeks of the end of the grant period.


For further information, contact sgr.scholarships@rmit.edu.au