18 June 2014

Students of Sustainability (SOS) Conference

Could you be one of the five lucky students RMIT Student Union (RUSU) send to Canberra for the SOS festival this July?

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Students of Sustainability Conference


to 05 July, 2014


Australian National University, Canberra.

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That’s right folks. RUSU are sending five students of sustainability to the SOS Conference for free!

The 2014 SOS Conference is a festival and conference that brings together speakers, educators and artists from around Australia over five days of celebration, indigenous solidarity, delicious food, networking and camping.

SOS aims to articulate the challenges posed by the present ecological crisis not merely to our energy supplies or regulatory regimes, but to the foundations of our economic and social system; to the stories we tell, how we think, what we create and who we are. It is a unique event with a defining role in the Australian environment movement and in all movements working towards a society that is sustainable because it is just, and just, because it is sustainable.

If you are looking for a diverse group of people to share inspiring and thought-provoking experiences, which encourage positive discussion and action aimed at creating ecological, political, economic and social sustainability in the world, apply for a place today!

We’re told first in, first served*.

*Students must book by 20 June 2014. Once your place is confirmed, you will be required to book and pay for your own plane ticket. Costs will then be reimbursed by RUSU.

To secure a spot or for more information contact rusu.enironemnt@rmit.edu.au.

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