Learning and Teaching Investment Fund 2013

Project Title

Accessible Professional Writing and Editing

Development of online toolkit for blended and online delivery for industry and campus based delivery

Project Leader

Glenn Blair and Clare Renner

Project Team

  • Ruth Moeller
  • Kieran Doolan
  • Julie Jay
  • Josie Fenn
  • Stephen Joyce
  • Viv Weir

Project Summary

The project aims to support the development of a model of online delivery for use in accredited and non-accredited training in Professional Writing and Editing. Central to the development of the model will be an exploration of contemporary practice of technologically enabled teaching methods and approaches to online assessment involving both teacher and peer review. The project builds on 2012 LTIF projects focussed on peer learning and online education for VET.

A key outcome of the project will be the completion of an online learning portal via MyRMIT and the development of high quality hard copy teaching materials designed to support enterprise-training initiatives. A secondary aim will be to ensure the developed materials can be used across multiple training situations including accredited training and non-accredited training through short courses and offshore skills training.

Download full report [PDF, 787 KB, 13 pages]