21 January 2015

Melbourne Central Unlocked Tours

View of the shot tower inside Melbourne Central

Uncover hidden nooks, rarely-seen vantage points and secret rooftops.

Go behind the scenes with gentleman traveller; architecture, history and travel writer; local historian and author Dale Campisi and discover why Melbourne Central is more than just a shopping centre.

For those studying on City campus, Melbourne Central is seriously just a hop, skip and jump from away. While it is predominantly a shopping centre, history and arts runs throughout it. If you’re new to Melbourne or you’re looking for something to do to kill-time between classes, you can immerse yourself in a world of history, culture and style simply by signing up to one of Melbourne Central’s unlocked tours. On an unlocked tour, you’ll find yourself learning about the history of Melbourne Central, the unique Melbourne artists who have contributed to the space, as well as Melbourne Central’s hidden nooks, rarely-seen vantage points and secret rooftops.

For more information, visit Melbourne Central Unlocked Tours.

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