Video conference support

When you can’t be there in person

Video conference support

Communication is all about delivery. And sometimes you’re going to need a visual presence to get your message across.

For those times when you do, video conferencing can be the answer. It’s an ideal solution for bridging the distance in remote teaching and learning situations, as well as conference events and general communications.

For staff at RMIT University, we offer video conference support across our City, Brunswick, Bundoora, Hamilton, Barcelona and Vietnam sites. We provide advice on using the technology, manage the booking of facilities and maintain the equipment.

Our AV team can even provide on-site help. It’s all just part of the service.


Here’s what you get:

  • support and advice regarding video conference facilities (installed and owned by RMIT)
  • management of the request process (not room bookings)
  • maintenance of video conference equipment
  • 8.30am – 9.30pm support on business days.

Additional Options

  • on-site customer assistance
  • portable unit installation – for rooms without facilities (see our AV events service)
  • video conferences to external parties (requires two weeks’ notice for testing)
  • customer demonstrations.

Please note – video conference training and support for facilities not installed or owned by RMIT are outside the scope of this service.


Ready to get on with IT?

For new video conference booking requests, we’ll respond within two business days. If you need help during a video conference, we’ll treat it as a priority and respond within 15 minutes.