27 October 2015

Jamal Al Khalili, Exchange to Bordeaux Institute of Technology, France

Jamal's experience at Bordeaux Institute of Technology taught him to speak fluent French whilst and meet many "amazing international and local people."

"It is an amazing unforgettable experience where you will have some of your best moments."

RMIT Program: Bachelor of Information Technology

Global Program: Exchange

Destination: France, Europe

Well, when it comes to describe my experience abroad, it is just unforgettable! I went to France, the country that I have always wanted to see and speak its language. I stayed in the city of Bordeaux, it was an amazing city full of ancient beautiful buildings. The best part of my life over there is me trying all my best to practice speaking French. Though when I went there, my French was really basic, I could barely make a proper conversation; however, it was a must for me to force myself learning it more as well as speaking. Now, Thanks to me, I speak a proper French. I met so many amazing people, international and locals, and some of them turned out to one of the best and people I ever know my life. While I was there, I did a lot of travelling in and out of France. Every month I used to go to anther country and explore it! I even spent my Christmas in Germany because a German friend of invited me over to spent the Christmas at her family. It was just a while different Christmas experience to spend in a different culture. Finally, right after I finished my final exams, I did a Europe tour that took my like one month and half. It was my best tour ever, because it gave me the chance to see and visit most of the famous European cities and their heritage. Overall, I enjoyed every single day I spent over there, never regretted it!

Exchange in France, Europe

Image by exchange student Jamal Al Khalili