26 February 2015

February snapshot

Take a look below to see what we’ve been up to in ITS.

Putting a focus on AV

To further improve learning and teaching for Semester 1, an enormous amount of audio visual related work has been happening across Brunswick, Bundoora and City campuses. A total of 51 teaching rooms

are currently being upgraded with new, standardised digital equipment - including document cameras, additional monitors, linkable rooms and lecture capture. We’re also running a series of staff training sessions.

Over 60 staff took the chance to get familiar with using the AV equipment in the lead up to the start of VE, with another 60 booked in to receive training in time for HE classes.

Technology that’s ready and working

Day 1 of semester doesn’t just happen. There’s a lot of IT planning and a frenzy of activity that goes on behind the scenes to ensure the best possible experience for staff and students. In learning and teaching spaces we’ve been busy installing more than 3,000 new computers, providing the latest updates on PCs and Yosemite on Macs, delivering new software requests and conducting health checks on each room to ensure computers, monitors, keyboards, AV touch screens and projectors are all working and ready for action. To finish carrying out this work, various Higher Education teaching spaces may be closed for a brief period before being handed back for the start of classes.

StAARTing with a plan

In January the StAART (Student Administration Release Train) held their third quarterly planning iteration (PI) event. Held over two days, this important event brought together around 100 University stakeholders to prioritise and map out the IT work to be delivered over the next three month period across our key student administration portfolio projects - student invoice and debt management, systems administration and infrastructure improvement, global enrolments and global graduations.

These PI events are a cornerstone of the collaborative Agile release approach and help foster a common vision between IT and business owners. The end result is agreement on the next features to be delivered and an understanding of the dependencies that exist.

[Source: Linda Schalken, ITS]