26 May 2014

Bach Pham, Cross Campus Exchange from RMIT Vietnam, Vietnam

Bach explored all of the opportunities RMIT had to offer him, and had great experiences at the same time.

“You will love Australia, love RMIT, love the weather (sometimes) and especially love the food!”

Home Institution: RMIT Vietnam

Home Degree/ Program: Design

Global Program: Exchange, Semester 2 2014

On his cross campus exchange to RMIT, Bach learnt a lot about social media, and the importance is has in building connections. He also enjoyed as part of his RMIT course, taking photographs, drawing 2D animation and doing graphic design works such as logo and poster design. As well as working on his design knowledge, Bach has also made a lot of new ‘Aussie friends’ and discovered great places around Victoria.Being located right in the center of the city, Bach loved how multi-cultural RMIT was, and enjoyed being able to explore Melbourne during his uni breaks. He was impressed with how at home RMIT made him feel, and was also very impressed with the beaches being amazed at how beautiful they were.
Bach Pham

Bach Pham

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