Constellations: A Large number of Small drawings

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Constellations: A Large number of Small drawings is a major component of the RMIT University and University of Arts London Drawing Out conference, held at Storey Hall, RMIT City campus, 7-9 April.

Constellations explores the role of drawing in a wide range of professions. The exhibition brings together a large number of small Australian drawings from diverse disciplines such as Art, Architecture, Cartography, Design, Fashion, Film, Photography, Science and Music.

Drawing is both a verb and a noun; it is both an act and the resultant images. Constellations explores how drawings are used, from schematic ‘thinking through’ studies, to objects for delectation. Alongside complete drawings of high artistic value, the exhibition includes provisional, or preparatory drawings and applied drawings for professional outcomes such as scientific drawings, designs for installations and sketchbook notes.

The effect of emerging technologies is evident across disciplines. Constellations documents the distinction between hand-drawn images and those that have been made digitally. It raises the question; does the immediacy of the human presence in hand-drawing extend to those made using new technologies?

Exhibition curator Vanessa Gerrans said: “We sought small drawings in anticipation that they might be intimate and reflective; curiosities for viewers to ‘peer into’. The selection of diverse participants was conducted in a viral manner to embrace familiar and unfamiliar contemporary artists.

“Their work is linked by both intense curiosity and focused research. The resultant configuration of drawings captures the quality, purpose and breadth of drawing in Australia.”


Vernon Ah Kee, Micky Allan, Louise Baker, Jeremy Bakker, Mauro Baracco and Louise Wright, Tori Benz, Nigel Bertram and Kim Halik, John Billan, Alfredo Bouret, Mitchel Brannan, Mark Brown, Kristy Bruce, Gregory Burgess, Cache, Christian Capurro, Susanna Castleden, Simon Champ, Sadie Chandler, Peter Cole, Hugh Coleman, Thea Costantino, Kerry Crawford, Elizabeth Cross, Peter Daverington, Peter Davidson, Clare Davies, George Davis, Chris Dench, Nick Devlin, Kim Donaldson, Richard Dunn, Ross Edwards, Sarah Edwards, Peter Elliott, Dale Ferguson, Michael P Fikaris, Cecilia Fogelberg, Hayden Fowler, Marita Fraser, Kristian Fredrikson, ghostpatrol, Sharon Goodwin, Elizabeth Gower, Virginia Grayson, Ian Haig, Pam Hallandal, Alex Hamilton, Elizabeth Hammond, David Harley, Stuart Harrison, Patrick Hartigan, Michael Hawkins, Sophie Herel, Petr Herel, Bevan Honey, Cherry Hood, Philip Hunter, Adrian Iredale, Peter James Smith, Zbigniew Janorsky, Anne Judell, Louis Kahan, Roger Kemp, Mona Ketelsen, Cassandra Laing, Amanda Laming, Charlotte Lance, Alex Lawler, Liza Lim, Kevin Lincoln, Chelle Macnaughtan, Mary MacQueen, Hilarie Mais, Barrie Marshall, Helen Maudsley, Susan McMinn, Sean Meilak, Miso, Allan Mitelman, Vivian Mitsogianni and Dean Boothroyd, Greg Moncrieff, Kevin Mortensen, Nick Mourtzakis, Ainslie Murray, Dorota Mytych, Ryan Nazzari, John R. Neeson, Nior, Minifie Nixon Architects, Charles O’Loughlin, Jim Paterson, Michael Pearce, Simon Perry, Jason Pickford, Daniel Price, Gregory Pryor, Howard Raggatt, Reka, Ivan Rijavek, Louise Rippert, Cameron Robbins, Amanda Robins, Lisa Roet, Frederick Romberg, Joan Ross, Kenneth Rowell, Vin Ryan, Sangeeta Sandrasegar, Kirrily Schell, John Scurry, Alex Selenitsch, Jan Senbergs, Andrew Seward, Carmel Seymour, Ian Shannahan, Caitlin Shearer, Ken Shimizu, Roger Smalley, Christina Smith, Erin Smith, Tai Snaith, Michael Spooner, Susan Stamp, Al Stark, Fleur Summers, John Teschendorff, David Thomas, Chloe Vallance, Leon Van Schaik, Peta Warner, David Warren, Jenny Watson, Sharon West, Gosia Wlodarczak, John Wolseley, Jen Wood, Mami Yamanaka, Michael Zavros.

Curator: Vanessa Gerrans

Exhibition dates: 8 April – 26 June 2010

Kenneth Rowell, Costume Designs for Sandy Wilson’s ‘Valmouth’

Kenneth Rowell, Costume Designs for Sandy Wilson’s ‘Valmouth’, 1968, 20 x 14.5 cm.

Jason Pickford, Adobe Elevational Study

Jason Pickford, Adobe Elevational Study: Elevation, c.1990, ink bond on paper, 20.5 x 28.3 cm.

Simon Champ, Untitled sketches

Simon Champ, Untitled sketches, 1987, two pages from sketch book, pencil on paper, 28 x 21.5 cm.

Cache, The Queen's Gambit

Cache, The Queen's Gambit, 2009.

Elizabeth Cross, Untitled

Elizabeth Cross, Untitled, 2003, pencil on paper, 21 x 29 cm.

Thea Costantino, Swollen Lip

Thea Costantino, Swollen Lip, 2008, graphite on paper, 10 x 15 cm.

Gosia Wlodarczak, Plant Elements

Gosia Wlodarczak, Plant Elements 5 and 6, 2008, pigment on glass and paper, 25 x 25 cm.

Chloe Vallance, Between Belenciaga and Broadway

Chloe Vallance, Between Belenciaga and Broadway, 2010, oil and colour pencil on plywood, 18 x 16 x 2 cm.

Constellations installation views RMIT Gallery

Constellations installation views RMIT Gallery. Photo by Mark Askanasy, 2010.

Constellations installation views RMIT Gallery

Constellations installation views RMIT Gallery. Photo by Mark Askanasy, 2010.