22 March 2013

Switch off and participate in Earth Hour!

RMIT is taking part in the annual Earth Hour tomorrow, Saturday 23 March.

This event is now in its seventh year, with Melbourne being one of 7000 cities worldwide to participate and make a united statement against the effects of global warming.

Lighting and IT equipment constitutes almost 40% of RMIT’s daily electricity use!

So, please remember to switch off all non-essential equipment and lights before leaving work this evening - and consider how to make this a practice that you put in place every day to make a substantial contribution to sustainability.


  1. Switch off both your desktop and computer. This will use eight times less power than if both were left on over the weekend.
  2. Is there an empty room with the light switched on? Flick the switch as you walk past.

Our most recent advancements in technology are designed with sustainability in mind.

For example:

  • Since March 2012, 800,000 pages that were sent to the print queue were simply not released. This benefit of Find Me print technology has already delivered a saving of 3600 CO² emissions from the power that would have been used to produce that paper - the equivalent of 229,357.5 light bulb hours.
  • The establishment of myDesktop in the Swanston Academic Building last year, and continued roll out across the University creates substantial savings in the electricity that powers student labs.
  • The consolidation of our network servers to the Noble Park data centre has also contributed to saving energy - the outsourcing of this data centre to Fujitsu, who have a strong sustainability focus, ensures that CO2 emissions are significantly reduced by using more efficient cooling, greater space utilisation, reduced power consumption and meticulous measurement.

For more information visit the Earth Hour web page and the Think green at RMIT web page.

Please note: For safety reasons, all essential emergency lighting will be activated during Earth Hour. Fridges will also be exempt.

Thank you for your support.

[Source: Brian Clark, Executive Director, ITS]