A collection of tertiary transition experiences from people with Asperger's Syndrome.

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Overview of the project

  • About the project
  • About Asperger's Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Classification of Asperger's Syndrome
  • Characteristics of Asperger's Syndrome - A word from Tony Attwood

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Donna's Story - A Historical Perspective

The difficult years

  • Leaving school early with a poor report card
  • Many low skilled jobs
  • Abuse and exploitation

The journey back into education

  • Filling in the learning gaps
  • Finding my social niche
  • From TAFE to university

Reaching my goals

  • Discovering my strengths and abilities
  • My experiences as a volunteer
  • Maintaining employment
  • What I needed from university

Being assessed - a look back

  • The alienation and despair
  • Disclosure - positives and negatives
  • Support at TAFE and university

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Roger's Experience

  • The positive time at school and preparing for change
  • Making career choices - knowing what I liked!
  • A father's support - how it helped
  • Starting at TAFE - the challenges
  • The benefits of disclosure - who I told
  • Surviving change - "it won't be new for long"

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Transcipt of Roger's experience (Word 28kb 2p)

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Joel's Transition

  • Meeting people in a new setting
  • The benefits of knowing what to expect
  • Deep breathing and visualising the learning environment
  • Having someone to talk to
  • Asking for advice - "do not wait for things to go wrong"

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Transcript of Joel's transition (Word 25kb 1p)

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The First Days - What to do and what not to do

A social understanding with a different perspective

  • Preparing for change
  • Coping with anxiety
  • Visiting the campus - the benefits of knowing a new environment
  • Finding a quiet place
  • Knowing the social code
  • Making the most of the DLU
  • Meeting others on campus

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Transcript of "The first days" (Word 31kb 3p)

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Julian - A Story of Perseverance

  • Learning the TAFE campus at the start of the course
  • Receiving an Encouragement Award
  • Having constant support at home
  • Having a good attitude
  • Tips on perseverance

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Transcript of Julian's story (Word 28kb 2p)

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Louise's Story

  • Feeling left out at TAFE
  • How the teachers and DLU helped
  • Using the campus map
  • I would have liked a buddy in my first few weeks.

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Ben's Journey

  • Going to a Transition Camp
  • Telling my lecturers was the best thing I did
  • Getting the support of peers
  • The benefits of a buddy at TAFE
  • Using student services on campus
  • The role of a school Career Counsellor - preparing for transition
  • Using the campus map to get to know the new environment
  • Meeting people on campus
  • A Mother's support - how it helped

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Transcript Ben's journey (Word 36kb 4p)

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Megan - A Word of Advice

  • Choosing a course
  • Making a mistake - knowing what to wear
  • Being aware of what to say
  • A buddy system would help

Download Audio IconA Word of Advice (MP3, 1.98MB, 1.43mins)

Transcript of Megan's story (Word 25kb 1p)

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The Wait for a Diagnosis - Clemens' Story

  • Early diagnosis is better
  • Parent acceptance matters
  • Moving was difficult for me
  • I was lonely and there was no one to help
  • My diagnosis made things clear for me
  • Hope for the future - Preparing for a Traineeship

Download Audio IconThe Wait for a Diagnosis - Clemens' Story (MP3, 7.04MB, 6.09mins)

Transcript of Clemen's story (Word 31kb 2p)

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Keeping up - Wendy's Story

  • An early move away from home
  • Decoding interactions
  • The chaos of learning without support
  • I couldn't listen to lectures and take notes
  • I didn't know I needed support or how to get it
  • Useful tips for transition

Download Audio IconKeeping up - Wendy's Story (MP3, 3.27MB, 2.51mins)

Transcript of Wendy's story (Word 27kb 2p)

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Rory - Confronting Change

  • Meeting people and making new friends
  • Knowing about your teachers
  • It was scary at the beginning - it was the unknown that worried me
  • Blindness and using technology
  • TAFE DLU- the benefits of support

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