Linking and embedding videos, playlists and clips

Many online video collections let you build playlists, create clips, embed videos in Google Sites or online courses, and share videos on social media.

Unlike videos from YouTube and Vimeo, all video content in the Library online collections is licensed. You can use it in your online courses, Google Sites and Lecture capture. Students can use them in assignments and presentations.

To help you make the most of these resources, we have prepared practical guides that will show you how to make the most of the videos from our Library and beyond. Print them out and keep them handy.

Alexander Street

Alexander Street includes documentaries, feature films, educational and informative videos, audio and scripts including a wealth of other archival material. Collections included in Alexander Street cover a broad range of subjects like Asian Film Online, Fashion Video Library and Psychological Experiments Online.

You can create playlists, create clips from a video and embed them in your teaching material.

Videos include interactive transcripts.


ClickView contains educational videos in Arts, Business, Health and Technology. The collection was originally formed from the Video Education Australasia (VEA) collection; new content is being created and added regularly.

You can screen directly from ClickView and share links to programs via email. Link or embed programs into your online course or on Google Sites. ClickView also allows you to create clips, playlists and interactive videos, add videos to the database through your workspace, and use teaching resources provided by ClickView.

Video transcripts are available for some content.


EduTV is a streaming service of educational content from Australian free-to-air and some pay TV stations like The History Channel, National Geographic, BBC Knowledge and the Discovery Channel. It includes over 20,000 programs: documentaries, drama and series.

EduTV is an archived streaming database from 2006; new content is added daily.

You can screen directly from EduTV and share links to programs or clips via email, Facebook or Twitter. You can also embed videos in online courses and Google Sites.

Closed captions are available for some content.

Informit TVNews

Informit TVNews includes Australian free-to-air television news and a current affair programs from late 2007 onwards. Key programs include ABC News, Behind the News, The Business, Catalyst, Dateline, Four Corners, Insight, World News Australia, 7.30 Report and Mythbusters. New content is added a couple of days after program screening.

You can screen direct from Informit TVNews, and share links via email, Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets. Informit TVNews programs are segmented into sections; each section can be streamed or downloaded.

Closed captions and transcripts are unavailable.


Kanopy offers streaming videos purchased by RMIT. You can recommend titles for purchase on the Kanopy website. Kanopy features full-length documentaries across the arts, business and training, health sciences, media and communication, natural sciences, social sciences, and teacher education.

You can screen directly from Kanopy, and link and embed videos in online courses and on Google Sites. You can also create clips to play only selected sections to your students. Build a playlist of clips and/or entire video titles.

Transcripts are available for some content. is a collection of self-paced, in-depth video tutorials covering the broad range of business skills, technical skills and software. Videos cover content like presentations, project management, SolidWorks, SPSS, programming languages and creating apps. instructional videos come with exercise files and certificates of completion. You can link or embed videos in online courses, Google Sites and LinkedIn, and share them on social media.

Interactive transcripts are available.

SAGE Videos

SAGE Video, which is a part of the SAGE database package, showcases educational videos in social sciences disciplines. RMIT University has access to the Counselling and Psychotherapy collections.

Sage Video lets you create a profile, link or embed videos in online courses or Google Sites, and share videos via email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Sage Video also allows you to create clips.

Interactive and PDF transcripts are available.