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School of Voc Eng, Health & Sciences

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Building: 154
Level: 03
Room: 405

City campus


Science, Engineering and Health

"Mr Craig McCracken"Teaching responsibilities

I teach across all years of the Dental Technology Training Program and co-ordinate the second year of the Dental Technology Training Program. My major areas of interest in the teaching program are: dental materials, removable dental prosthetics, orthodontics, occlusion studies. I am also a member of the Dental Auxiliary Services Programme Advisory Committee.



  • Certificate of Technical Teaching (Hawthorn Institute of Education), 1983
  • Diploma of Technical Teaching (Hawthorn institute of Education), 1984


  • Dental Technician (Victoria) Dental Technicians Licensing Committee, 1975
  • Dental Prosthetist (Tasmania) Dental Mechanics Registration Board, 1977
  • Registered Dental Prosthetist (Victoria) Advanced Dental Technicians Qualifications Board, 1989

Industry / profession / community involvement

Member Dental Practice Board of Victoria, 2000 - Present

  • Chair: Dental Prosthetists Advisory Committee, 2001 - Present
  • Member: Specialists practitioner Advisory Committee, 2000 - Present
  • Member: Courses Approval Committee, 2003 - Present

Chairperson: National Council of Regulating Authorities (CORA) for Dental Technicians & Dental Prosthetists, 2000 - Present

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