Video transcript

Arthur Shelley provides an overview of how wikis are used in his knowledge management course.

Part 3: Adding tables, media and documents.

Now that we've looked at all of the basic uses of the wiki, let's have a look at a few more advanced uses of the wiki. We go into our wiki and of course just as with basic uses we want to do some of the more advanced stuff. We need to go into the edit page. One of the things about wikis is the standard formatting of the page is pretty basic. You can actually do some quite advanced formatting by using tables.

So, let's create a table. Let's create a table here. So, we'll put a table in here. It's very easy. You just click where you want the table to be and click on this little table icon. The default will come up as two columns, two rows. You can change that if you wish. I'll just make it three rows and insert. And there's all sorts of advanced functions: you can change the background, the way the borders look, all of those sorts of things. But that’s quite intuitive and you'll pick that up.

So, then I click in whichever cell that I want to put some content and add some text. But then I might want to put something over the other side, like an image. So, I can say I actually want to upload an image. So, you go to the image icon and I'm going to upload an image. I'm going to browse for that image and put in a nice picture of Mark, here. So, just double click on it and click upload and insert. And now, I have text on one side and a picture on the other. And you can sort of lay it out - that way you can spread your images and your texts around, so it's not just flat text on its own. It works very nicely.

Equally, I can load a video if I choose to. So, I could click on another cell or anywhere else in the wiki and click 'embed multimedia'. I can choose what sort of media to put in and I just need to paste the URL of where the media is. You would’ve needed to have loaded the document somewhere before. But it could be a URL somewhere on the internet.p And then I would click insert.

The other thing that you might want to do in advanced use is to upload a document. So, if I click and say I want to put a document in here, I can just upload the document directly by clicking the upload green arrow here. It would then display the name of the file. Sometimes filenames don’t mean much so, you might want to put some sort of human-readable code here so that people can see what the file is behind that. Highlight those words and then click upload document. You can browse out to wherever it is. Now, I'll just upload my document from my desktop or wherever else I had it and upload and insert again. Now, I have a hyperlink to that document and when you save all of these – none of the links work until you save as I mentioned before – you can see now that I've got my text and my picture side by side. I've got a document here called 'Wiki Content' and if I click on that, it asks me do I want to open it or save it? If you wanted to edit the document you'd want to save it and then reload it at a later time. But I just want to have a look at it at this point in time. So, I click on open and there it is. There's my uploaded document inside the wiki.