Telephony and voicemail

IP phoneInformation Technology Services manages the infrastructure of the RMIT internal telephone network. This page provides assistance to users of RMIT telephony and voicemail services.

Telephone information

  • Apply for a new telephone connection or handset by completing a Telephony service form.
  • Check the Conference calls on VoIP and analogue phones myCommunity post for instructions on transferring calls, group pickup, diverting calls and other standard telephone features.
  • See the STD/IDD myCommunity post for information on requesting access and using STD/IDD.
  • Go to the Virtual Office myCommunity post for more information on accessing personalised VoIP telephone settings from any VoIP telephone on campus (also known as hotdesking).
  • Find user guides and manuals for your telephone and telephone system features in Telephony user manuals.

Voicemail information

General information

Telephone headsets

Telephone headsets are available for most types of telephones used within RMIT including the new VoIP telephones.

Ordering, receiving and installing

The following process provides the steps required to order, receive and install a telephone headset:

  • Go to the headset vendor’s RMIT headset page.
  • Follow directions on the headset vendor’s page to view headset types, ask questions, and get pricing.
  • Download and complete headset ordering form.
  • Forward the form, with manager’s approval, via email to ITS on
  • ITS will order the telephone headset
  • Delivery will be to your local IT desktop support group.
  • Your local IT desktop support will deliver and install the headset at your work station.

Further assistance