Telephony and voicemail

IP phoneInformation Technology Services manages the infrastructure of the RMIT internal telephone network. This page provides assistance to users of RMIT telephony and voicemail services.

Telephone information

  • Apply for a new telephone connection or handset by completing a Telephony service form.
  • Check the Conference calls on VoIP and analogue phones myCommunity post for instructions on transferring calls, group pickup, diverting calls and other standard telephone features.
  • See the STD/IDD myCommunity post for information on requesting access and using STD/IDD.
  • Go to the Virtual Office myCommunity post for more information on accessing personalised VoIP telephone settings from any VoIP telephone on campus (also known as hotdesking).
  • Find user guides and manuals for your telephone and telephone system features in Telephony user manuals.

Voicemail information

Headset information

  • Order a new telephone headset by following the steps in Telephone headsets.
  • Headset user manuals can be found on the vendor’s website, please refer to the details on Telephone headsets.

General information


To view ‘how-to’ videos, visit the VoIP RMIT telephone system web page.

For assistance with telephony and voicemail please contact the Service and Support Centre.